Zillion Dollar Thinking

Technorati (internet search engine) estimates that there are over 100,000,000 active blogs out there with these growing statistics:

– Worldwide, they are doubling approximately every six months
– There are about 175,000 new blogs each day
– Roughly two new blogs per second
– About 1,600,000 postings per day
– About 13% of all blogs are updated at least weekly
– Many of the social site [Facebook, Twitter, etc.] authors are returning to blogs

The stats are endless and intriguing
More specifically, for any subject you may want to consider “there is a blog for that.” A blog (web log) is simply a platform of information.

Within this mix, if we were to try to select just one in the hierarchy of subjects, what might that be? From where we sit, almost everything begins with a decision [conscious or otherwise]. So, if we apply the blogosphere to this subject, we could have a real time paradigm shift. “Decisioning” has been remarkably enhanced through this viral medium.

If we beam up “decisions/decisioning/decision making” on most any search engine, we will see 80 to 100 million results (if we really think about it, the entire internet is filled with information that relates directly or indirectly to decisioning…so, we are really talking about …zillions).

Then the common problem becomes…confusion and overload. As an example, here are only a few more complex decisioning topics:

Decision Making Analytics
Pareto Analysis
Paired Comparison Analysis
Grid Analysis
Force Field Analysis
Six Thinking Hats
Star Bursting
Stepladder Technique
Cost/Benefit Analysis Cash Flow Forecasting with Spreadsheets
Decision Trees

Zillion Dollar Thinking Blog
To break out of this pack of overwhelming volume and puzzling net-speak, we have a simple goal with our Zillion Dollar Thinking blog. We want to mitigate and squeeze the complexity and distortion out of this most important topic. Another goal is that it is a user friendly communication vehicle, and it creates wide applications. In effect, we want you (and us) to become increasingly better decision makers within a simple process. It’s in all of our best interest.

Please visit often, and let us hear from you.