Are we stating the obvious? Maybe the better question is the “decisioning effect.”

In essence, a vote for anything is a decision. It is also a powerful responsibility because it not only affects our own life, but generally many others. Your one vote can essentially turn the tides of history (Search: “famous close elections by a single vote”).

We will have another pivotal election before we know it. The campaigning has already started. Several things are at stake, but there is one glaring issue that will override all the rest. It’s really not about parties any more. It is about ideology. So, connecting the vote (decision) to the event will mean that we will be deciding on competing ideologies, fundamentals and beliefs.

Many will call it politics…Scary.

The unknown issue in all of this is what will happen between then and now to try to recruit our decision. What will be our standard? What will we do to get ready for that decision?

Here’s where we could apply the four steps of the MODELTM System:

Discovery: We still have time to investigate, scrutinize, examine…in other words perform serious due diligence on the one’s we think we want to consider and decide upon. This is the area that generally separates the “herders” from the “discerners.” There really are no alternatives.

Commitment: This is the step that is vital, but is generally ignored or overlooked. But, what really needs to be committed to? Yes, the candidates at some level…but what about your own set of beliefs. Here is where you can commit to your own values and ideals. Then, if the candidate or issue does not match your own template…you still have the time to re-think it. Our individual commitment to this process is the differential. It may be our last hope. This will be a battle of ideals.

Solution: Look back, and see how you/we got here? Look back, and see what the trend has been? Look back, to see how you came into your own value system? Look back, and then look ahead.

Action: Simple. It’s now or never. Considering where we are headed, this may be our last free election, and with it could go our freedom to decide on any future ones, and maybe everything else. So, the actions we will take right now are absolutely critical.

Decide with this in mind: “Don’t let the polls, talking news-heads and politicians fool ya.”

Discovery   Commitment   Solution   Action