Please judge the following blog template and our ZDT application in evaluating this growing decisioning dilemma:

*Q.T. What is the target audience’s pain, predicament, or problem (discovery/due diligence)?

“Unbelievable, Confusing, Baseless, Repeatedly, Condescending, Immediacy, Untruthful, Cold Hearted, Threatening, Scare Tactics…”

Some or all of the above adjectives easily describe today’s car salesmen, news reporters, many TV ads/infomercials, politicians, and countless other “pitchers.” In all, it’s a constant barrage.

Knowing that you can’t stop the traffic, what is your filter? Where do you completely turn off? What is your limit? How do you decide?

*Q.T. What’s different now? Answer in brief sentences or in a bulleted list that says what sets your product/service solution apart and will alleviate the pain, problem, or predicament.

As a starting point, adopt some or all of these (better yet…develop your own ‘hit list’):

Say No to:
-absolutes: (e.g.) guaranteed-never-ever-always-completely-forever-lifetime
-crooked math-assumptions-fictitious numbers-does not add up
-blatant bias (opposite of fair/balanced)
-bullying-talking over-total lies-intimidating tactics-twisting facts
-too good to be true-defiance of logic-no common sense-not reasonable
-those who are totally unqualified- no background-no experience-no knowledge- no authority-no prior success in their position

*Q.T. What should the audience do now? This gives your call to action, the part telling your audience exactly what you want them to do.

Make your computer (equipment neutral) a “Discovery Machine.” There is really no excuse, escape or reason of why we can’t qualify most anyone or anything at anytime.

*Q.T. Why hasn’t the problem been solved (the commitment level)?

It boils down to the time and focus you are willing to commit to. Considering the economic and other potential benefits…an excellent return on the effort.

Q. Has there ever been a more important time to become an “Expert of Discernment?”

P.S. This template can work in several applications…try it.

As always…you decide.

*Question Template

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