More Gadgets That May Help You Make Decisions

What if you could have all of your questions and decisions answered for you?
What if you rest your brain, and turn over the thinking process to a decisioning gadget? It may be stimulating, but it can also be down right spooky. Technology can be fun, but there will come a point when… Here are a few: (Please note post and credits)

Answer Me Jesus and Answer Me Buddha: Anyone who has ever used a Magic 8-Ball knows that the answers you receive are extremely vague. The Answer Me Jesus and Answer Me Buddha are slightly different, and if you ask the right questions you just might receive some guidance.

What Would a Ninja Do? What Would Bacon Do? Take one of these folders to work and give the dial on the front a spin to find out what a ninja or a piece of bacon would do in your situation. Kicked or fried?

Weedja Board: It’s like a traditional Ouija board except this one specializes in contacting stoners for guidance from beyond the grave: e.g. “Hey Uncle Jerry…What do you think…Doritos or Donuts?”

Electronic Rock, Paper, Scissors: Sure you could play a traditional game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but you still have to decide on a strategy. This electronic version eliminates even that small bit of decision making by choosing your hand sign for you.

Magnetized Executive Decision Maker: Many of your toughest decisions are made at work. This little device can help you climb the corporate ladder virtually stress-free. Just give the pendulum a push and wait until it settles on an answer.

Dartboard Executive Decision Maker: If you want to have a little more fun with the decision making process, this clever dartboard version of the executive decision maker is a witty alternative.

The DeFIBulator: This handheld unit claims to separate the truth from the lies by measuring stress, tension, excitement and variations in a person’s voice. If the device believes the person in question is lying, the horns and nose of the “Demonochio” character on the display will grow. It can even be hooked up to your cell phone so you can conduct covert interrogations. Rumor: The creative team may be developing a vibrating app.

iPhone Bonus: If you have an iPhone, there are a few apps out there that you can use to help make decisions on the go.

UrbanSpoon: With the UrbanSpoon app you can set a geographic location, genre and price point for a meal then give the phone a shake to find a place to eat. The process can be as random as you want it to be which is great for people looking to try new things.

Magic iBall Deluxe: There are a number of 8 Ball apps on the iPhone, but the best is undoubtedly the Magic iBall Deluxe. It’s your basic 8-Ball experience, except this version allows you to switch between responses like classic, weird, Zen Positive and Negative. It also allows you to customize the style of the 8-Ball itself.

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Please review our ZDT post dated February 12, 2010 “The Magic Eight Ball.”

In all, interesting gadgets…but hopefully, our younger (and older) generation will not take these seriously enough to substitute them for the real thing.

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