This headline is a book title that is fitting in today’s environment even though it was written over 40 years ago.

The author, Josh McDowell, has been instrumentalin challenging the baseline of how to decide on critical life questions.

His testimony describes how he set out to refute and rebuke this core belief question, and to minimize it’s consequences, but the tsunami of evidence changed his heart and life.

The steps he used to arrive at his decision are a mirror to the steps of the ZDT MODEL:

Step 1 – his ultimate destination

Step 2 – his total commitment to find the truth

Step 3 – his discovery and source of a singular path

Step 4 – his legacy road map for followers

One, he picked a topic that may apply to everyone with eternal consequences…what could be more enduring?

Two, he was committed, in his mission, to the point that he was willing to sacrifice his original core beliefs in order for the truth to prevail.

Three, considering the consequences, he knew that only the historical facts (not subjective feelings) would be sufficient to stand the scrutiny that would be leveled at him and his decision.

Four, once he described the only path to follow, he knew that his conclusions would create a major alteration to the activities (daily walk) of the subscribers or converts. Life changing.

Why re-visit this now?

This template could be played out a zillion times each day. We can have a core theory that we have believed from the beginning, only to find out that under hard scrutiny, it was a false premise.

Here we are 40 years later, and his premise and conclusions are still considered a classic. Run a search on Josh…check him out.

Daily App

Each day we see the current headlines, we are reminded that life on this earth is fragile and can change instantly, and the consequences and subject of eternity will take on a new meaning.

The point here is that eternity is a long, long time, and the decision to consider it is before a terminal event…after the fact is too late.

McDowell is one author on this subject. There are a zillion others. The striking deferential with him is that once he realized he was on the wrong side of this decision, he re-considered and then devoted his life to helping others come to a direction based on historical evidence.

Our days ahead could not be more uncertain.

As always…you decide (eternally).