Sector: Sales&Marketing
Part Two

Point Seven:

“It is more consultative than ‘hard selling’
in delivery and presentation”

It is provable that the buying public has little appetite for high pressure, manipulative or suspicious sales techniques, and the resistance is growing greater by the day.


How many lost sales in your industry sector and/or your organization may be blamed on poor, questionable or pressured sales tactics? A sensitive issue, but be critical if you were to see a pattern here. Then, consider your average case size…Ouch!

Point Eight:

“It is the ultimate sales training tool because of the
‘accountability’ factor”

You can track most any sales or presentation problem or issue by analyzing each step, their respective requirements and order of importance. In other words, you have an accountability trigger.


Again, the time, lost sales, excessive sales training and monitoring, sales reporting/tracking and inventory controls equals major $$$ dollars.

Point Nine:

“This is a transferable concept and can even be
understood by children and seniors”

That should be the acid test of any selling marketing system…
Q. Could your young son/daughter or your mom/dad understand it?


Calculate your lost sales due to a confusing-complicated-or misunderstood concept….Could be more than one wants to admit?

Point Ten:

“With the addition of the MODEL Calculators…
this system is unique in the market”

The unique MODEL Calculators create even more interactivity and qualification criteria, and they are also available in an eBook and PDF format.


This is a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that should definitely help create a higher quality referral from your “value-added” approach. Can you accurately calculate the dollar value of a referral…over your sales career?

The list goes on and on *(you will want to add from your own experience). This will be an ongoing and interactive communication from MODEL practioneres that will be frequently updated.

Most of these benefits can be calculated with a quantifiable monetary result in most industry sectors. If all the above were added together, they would easily add up to thousands of dollars. And, that is based on only one salesperson. Consider this same calculation with a full sales force in the mix.