(Our Zillion Dollar Thinking 100th Post)

“The experts say that a blog does not even start until it has
at least 100 posts…Now, we understand that wisdom.”

Since this is our 100th ZDT post, we thought we would do a little measuring to see if we stand the test with some of the experts who have blogged for years. Here’s a few of their comments and insights:

Blogging is all about other people. You don’t start a blog to talk to yourself. You start a blog for the dialogue. The real value of blogs is in the interaction between the readers and the blogger. The best insights come from the spontaneous conversations that build up around talking points.

You need to be productive when you “blog”. I don’t care how you define blogging, but it’s an activity that can add up to many hours in a day, so you have to monitor your time in order to be productive. You’ll spend your time looking for information, researching, commenting in other people’s blogs, and writing. It’s all time consuming, so make sure your time is well spent.

The same principles that apply to gaining success anywhere, apply to the world of blogging. Blogging isn’t a discipline that exists in isolation, and it’s not a wholely unique concept. Rather it’s an evolving medium that works like many other human endeavors. You’ll have winners and losers, laughs and tears, and everything in between. Be realistic and know that consistent hard work is the only thing that can help you.

Blogging is a marthon and not a sprint. If you’ve been blogging for a few years and feel fatigued, wondering if it will all pay off, keep in mind that there are people who’ve been blogging for 10 years or more! Tell them how you think you should have more success any earlier. And even if you have success at your blog for awhile, it’s not guaranteed it’ll last. Blogging is all about working for the long term.

“Whatever you do, don’t give up on making blogging
the very best profession or business you possibly can.”

As we look back in review and with just these few insights, I believe we have embraced a few, but in all, we have much work to do. So, here are some of the benchmarks we will strive intend to reach in the next few months:

We will invite, incent and create more traffic and more dialogue
We will get to the more practical applications of decisions in buying and selling
We will continue to stress the importance of using objective forms, structures and systems
We will be developing an e-book
We are developing a “Zillion Dollar Think Tank”

We have written many posts around the importance and crying need for objective decision making as a thinking habit. Moving forward, we will heavily emphasize actionable decision making as a privilege (not a guarantee) we too often take for granted.

A zillion thanks to our readers…on to 101.