What is happening right now?

Legislative stalemates

Zillions of alarming headlines from zillions of writers

24/7 access, delivery and exposure to constantly oppressive information

Add to that…We have record:

Federal and Personal Debt

Gas and Oil prices


Currency printing

Home sales, foreclosures and declining values

Welfare recipients

Gold and silver prices

Foreign instability and influence

Wars and rumors of wars

Uncertainties everywhere.

Historically, leaders and peoples in the past have had their own reasons (their version of above) to feel threatened, fearful and expecting the worst. But, in the critical last hour, they were saved for another day.

Since we have no crystal ball or visionary gifts, “we the people” do have the freedom and opportunity to think.

Collectively, I hope we will not waste our time or emotion in thinking the unthinkable.

Maybe this is the time to adopt Zillion Dollar Thinking.

As always…You decide.