If you look, listen or read any news today, the sensationalism of words like “critical” is about to reach saturation levels. Just think on these few examples:

Critical Mass

Critical Mission

Critical Thinking

Critical Condition

Critical Listening

Critical Analysis

Critical Path

Critical Theory

Critical Planning

Critical Reading, Writing and Watching

Let’s be real, everything can’t be critical. So, we need to be more discriminating with the use of these words and their fear factor, and more importantly, the message needs to get to the pundits who are so liberal with its excess.

It seems that the more we are presented with threats, the more we should push back and consider what is worthy of that label. In contrast, critical thinking (as a positive) should act as the sun that can expose questionable and dark objects that would otherwise be glossed over.

Of course, we recommend a model (i.e. The MODELTM) as a subjective filter to judge the severity and application of the subject. You may find it seriously helpful to adopt a simple methodology to keep this problem orderly…no matter what the threatening word may be.

Today, just think how many times you are now seeing and hearing experts throw around words like; shocking, sensational, unbelievable, severe, excessive, relentless, intense, life-threatening (to name a few). Point is, as the heat on the economy-foreign/military affairs-political et al grows, so may the oppression of sensationalism. Question: Will it get less or greater? As we buckle up for the future, we will all need dependable filters to keep the word damage down.

Here, we focused on the word “critical,” but the cumulative effect of all such words is that we could get desensitized. That is what happens when there is too much negative repetition. And eventually, we may feel like we live in “Chicken Littleville.” This reality coupled with 24/7 info feed will be overwhelming for many. We welcome and will share any and all wisdom and/or alternatives.

As always…You decide.

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