The more we hear, the more we read, the more we write, the more it proves out the wisdom and practicality of timeless Biblical passages…more specifically, the book of Proverbs. Considering today’s individual, business, foreign, governmental and political landscape, it could prove to be beneficial to our POV (point of view).

Even the best management, marketing, sales, organizational, visionary, leadership experts and minds within any sector are able match the wisdom in this book. This short comparison is a revealing proposition.

The Wisdom of Proverbs

A style of “instruction and teaching” that:

Provokes thoughts (stirs the mind/arouses the conscious and unconscious)

Injects wit (amusing words/ideas/scenarios)

Creates paradoxes (seeming contradictions with hidden truths)

Requires common sense (rational objective reasoning)

Teasing symbolism (something used to represent something else)

Now, let’s contrast that to the more common man-made style so often used today (not isolated to church pulpits).

The Practice of Preaching

Confrontational (assaulting style)

Aggressive (attack mode)

Exhortation (in an officious and tiresome manner)

Advocate (revolution motivated)

Urgency (accept or deny)

Where have you seen and/or heard that style lately? It seems that this methodology is all over the news, business and political airways. Does it work or repel? Unfortunately, the next several months will be a field day for the preachers that will say/do anything other than use Proverbs as their template of delivery (can we say gag reflex).

The caution here is that as this style (and their sponsors) becomes increasingly oppressive; get ready to run the other way. Speeches will come first…with blatant actions to follow. One of the Proverbs wisely states;

 “A fitly spoken word is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”

With all that is before us, I personally want that to be my watchword.

As always…you decide.

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