We’ve all seen it before…“Selective Memory.” It’s when someone does/says something in the past and then conveniently disremembers, misspeaks or reconstructs only the part that is most useful to them.

The only thing left out of this equation is that is that we (the receivers) also have a memory, yet not necessarily selective. Sometimes this gets so radical that even when there is full Audio Visual evidence, it is still disclaimed, covered or ignored. Is that floating down the river of denial or what?

But Why?

It seems that when an individual or a party/team/mob is so determined or desperate to advance their agenda, they will do and say most anything. At the extreme, it can be downright scary. The white hot issues of evolution-global warming-abortion, etc. are prime examples.

The point here is one of vigilance and due-diligence. If and when your discovery plainly proves out a false initiative, you should run the other way, and take your friends and family with you (figuratively).

We are in an environment where politicians, movements, news sources, and information providers (of all kinds) are subtly advancing their agendas, and it is coming at the speed of digital. But, with the same tools of technology, we have the opportunity to discern the truth in short order. From our POV (point of view), we need to use these advantages while we still have the freedom to do so.

There are countless smart gadgets that provide us with information 24/7. So, if you are prone to aimlessly surf net space, consider a block of time to “prove all things” [1Th5:21]. Maybe a 10% time frame as a start to create these steps:

New Folder = Subject by Category

Discover = Due Diligence Facts

Bookmark = Keep Conveniently Ready

Backup = Use it…Don’t lose it

As a product, and when the occasion arrives, you can now present the facts that are irrefutable enough to discourage those who used to believe you would continue to become their mark.

As always…you decide.

Discovery    Commitment    Solution    Action