We’ve all been there:

Dinner becomes a pyramid pitch (Amway, etc.)

Brother in law’s latest venture (who wants your investment capital)

Divorce/separation announcement (or other)

Coming “out of the closet” (over anything)

A declaration is announced (position, party, choice, etc.)

Position of beliefs becomes aggressive (religion/politics/values)

Any other decision that will be life (or lifestyle) altering

In other words, your world of thinking/acting (modus operandi) is completely up ended by a decision from someone else in the room.

Why is that an issue? What is the response?

When this does happen, most often the decision maker is not challenged about their position primarily because there is no model, framework or template to act as a gauge…only opinion. Alternatively, when confronted with objective reality, a decisioner could have the opportunity to re-consider their position and sometimes can be saved from themselves and their choices.

Here is a MODEL example and the progressive steps to consider:

Discovery (how extensive/comprehensive was the research of the decision)

Commitment (what is the cost/loss of failure…or gain of success)

Solution (how was it formulated…does it accurately solve the problem)

Action (is there any [written] plan with timetables and tracking)

As a valued resource, being ready to offer objective thinking and alternative solutions should be welcomed input. Point is; would you rather be prepared with a track when the occasion rises, or blindsided with no response but shock. Remember, the culprit may not be the dinner guest…they may be a son or daughter. Yikes.

Summarily, isn’t it amazing that decisioning is hardly anyone’s primary topic of conversation…until…it becomes the elephant in the room?

As always…you decide.