A short list of opposites can help us make a major point in decisioning.

These are actually decisions on auto-pilot.


War – Peace

Black – White

Start – Stop

Good – Evil

Begin – End

Life – Death

Bondage – Freedom

Hot – Cold

Night – Day

Finite – Infinite

Even though these are polar opposites, they can become choices that, in the extreme, are easy decisions. But, what about the in-betweens?

It’s the gray (B/W), the lukewarm (H/C), the afternoon (AM/PM)…the somewhere in the middle ones that catch us.

Point is, when it’s not as stark in definition (as above), how do you come to a conclusion?

We are, and will remain, consistent about the answer. It is a model, system, formula or track.

The Zillion Dollar Thinking MODEL:

One. Discovery

Two. Commitment

Three. Solution

Four. Action

So, the next time you get into the gray area of decisioning, please consider the ZDT track. If not this one, cyberspace will have plenty of options (there are now 700,000 apps for the iPhone alone). At the minimum, please download the free and new eBook at our ZDT site.

Point is that a model is the antidote to staying endlessly stuck. As one author framed it…“better to be consistently decisive than to be completely right.”

As always…you decide.