From only a partial list, where might you find yourself in these sleepless decisions?

Worry and/or Stress over Uncertainties, Money, Business, Management, Kids, Future, etc…
Discomfort from Physical Condition, Sickness, Temperature, Food or Dietary Issues, Caffeine, Others…
Distractions, Noises, Other Restless Habits…
Dilemmas, Confrontations, Conflicts, Relationships…

All of the above?

All others…Please consider that in only one web engine search it yielded 300,000,000 results. You can find plenty of options to choose from.

The point is…what can be done about it? Which kind of pill to take? Sure, there are chemicals that may temporarily help the condition, but (like dieting) the operative word is usually temporary. What else can you try?

Medical and psychological issues may need professional help; but sometimes a recurring habit may simply need structural changes that you can try without having to sit in a doctor’s waiting room.

A model is a structure, system or template that can be laid over a problem, issue or situation that can (over time) reform a habit. If the sleeping problem has become a habit pattern, a model that you may construct could be the perfect pill?

We tend to rely on our standard MODELTM System with four distinct and simple steps. It could flow like this:

1- Problem identification – Isolate and separate what the worrying issue is rather than tossing and turning over all the fleeting ideas that come through your mind

2- Consider your level of commitment; if you realize you have little to none, it’s not worth the worry anyway, so go ahead and snooze off

3- The solution; More often than not, if you will feed in the parameters of the problem or issue, the (ah-ha) solution will hit you in the morning (in the form of a plan-search findings-friend/associate/specialist with answers…e.g.)

4- You can then trust that the actions needed will be dictated by the solution in step three…

Now try some slow breathing while counting backward, and we’ll see you in the morning.

That’s our therapy approach using a model. The goal here is to tackle the one most important or plaguing issue at the time, so that you don’t think about any and everything right before you try to go to sleep.

You will likely want to create your own model. The take away is to have a reliable, simple template that allows you to gently think on, identify and simmer the issue while dosing off. The major point is that you build a structure that helps resolve the worry while allowing your subconscious to help you solve your distracting problem. It’s not a guarantee, but certainly better than a bottle of pills?

Some even throw in a dose of prayer, laced with thankfulness, and a warm glass of milk and ZZZZZ…

If you have a model that works for you, please share it. Our readers would love the input.