That slogan used to be the icon for selling income replacement insurance. It was the concept of protecting and replacing one’s income in the face of a disabling incident (sickness or accident). The premise is that one’s ability to make an income is their most valuable asset and needs to be insured.

Many managers will have a different position. When polled, they will often quote that “my people are our most valuable asset…it’s their talent, hard work, loyalty, rainmakers, etc.”

Married couples will often state that their spouse is their most valuable asset because of their (among many attributes) bond, commitment and unfailing loyalty in the good times and bad.

Point is…we could go down the list of asset categories, and find a different answer in almost every one of them.

So, here’s another one to consider: Your ability to think and the freedom to decide.

Think about it, of all the responses that you may consider, this one transcends most. You can declare that it’s your income, your people or your spouse, but what would happen to those responses if you had no decision making authority or ability? In other words, your power and freedom to decide at any level was impaired or even revoked. Talk about a disability!

Unlike the income replacement insurance, there is no insurance that covers this dilemma. The only environment that we can try to insure against is a free society. That is best done by our vote (a decision). If the wrong people get in power who have made it their mission to control, limit or eliminate our ability to decide, then we are all restricted.

Bottom line: Our ability to think and the freedom to decide has to rank as one of the most important assets we own and enjoy.

But again…freedom is not free.



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