(Please consider the attached ZDT PDF preview before you answer)

pp.1 “The next question is: HOW did you make it? When confronted with these two questions, many people can immediately answer the first one…but, the second one usually draws a blank.

The obvious next question is: What if you have not made that most important decision yet. How will you make it when it suddenly slams you? Just think…buying or selling an expensive or an important item like a house, a car, furniture or even making the big costly investment decision of a college education for a son or daughter…all require an important decision before the act or fact. Again, it is not the reality and necessity of making decisions, but how you make them?

The act of deciding (conscious or unconscious) is always before us. Yet, the process of making, and how to improve our ability to make decisions, considering their importance, is seriously lacking.

Where do we get help?

There is no shortage of decision making methods in the archives of most search engines. The list is endless. You can find them with a simple click. But, the common denominator of many of these findings is…”

Hopefully, this short preview sparked your interest with just a tiny bit of curiosity or familiarity. From sound research, folks will usually fall into just a few categories on this subject. Either they feel perfectly satisfied and comfortable with their current methodology (good or bad), or they will tend to ignore the process part of decisioning as a fruitless activity, or they know they need help (but just not sure who to trust to get it).

Yes, there are other positions on the subject, but let’s focus and get some action on the last one for right now.

Step One: Please let me mail you the full PDF e-booklet so you can get a deeper look at the potential problems and remedies. Just drop me a note titled: “ZDT e-booklet”

Step Two: Please go back through the ZDT Blog archives and read/re-read the posts that you feel are close to where you live and think.

Step Three: Please order the book Zillion Dollar Thinking. And, if you are one of those who have not yet adopted a decisioning MODEL…that is the basis of this book. Many have said it is life changing. Again, please e-mail me at efalkner@zilliondollarthinking.com to order your copy ($9.95+S/H).

Step Four: For a limited time, please tell us about any teenagers who live with you now, and we will send a free copy to pass around and hopefully share the message with others. They are the next generation of decision makers.

If none of that clicks, please drop us a note, and we will try to respond to any of the particular decisioning problems you may now be struggling with…based on our various experiences of applying the MODEL.

As always…you decide.

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