You don’t run a punch press or haul iron ore. Your job is to make decisions.

The thing is, the farmer who grows corn has no illusions about what his job is. He doesn’t avoid planting corn or dissemble or procrastinate about harvesting corn. And he certainly doesn’t try to get his neighbor to grow his corn for him.

Make more decisions. That’s the only way to get better at it.”

Seth Godin: Credits


Thanks Seth for your continued and exceptional insights. At Zillion Dollar Thinking, we have made decisioning our singular mission and goal. As rational individuals, decisioning is our differentiator.

Generally, when you look back, you can summarize your life based on the turning point decisions you made or did not make. How life defining is that?

So, to keep this a simple thought, please consider the product of your decisions as a New Year’s resolution that could well define all your future years.

As always…you decide.