From an international perspective, we just celebrated the skills and achievements of our superior athletes in the 2012 Olympics.

Similarly, we are about to witness the Ryder Cup (golf USA/European event). Following that will be several other smaller events that will showcase the spirit and legacy of our unique American culture.

These events are related because of the unity and competitiveness of our national spirit, pride and the goal of winning excellence.

In November, we will have a national election.

Q. How does this election compare to the various sports events and competitions?

It has to do with our heritage. This country was founded on certain fundamentals and laws that are unique and perpetual. To date, they have brought this nation through a myriad of trials, and not just athletics. This election will be another test of our American spirit as “We the People.”

In this election…would it not be the ultimate response if we could drop the partisan positions (herds), and decide on this country’s direction based on the welfare of the USA where we are all stakeholders and beneficiaries.


As always…you will decide.