August 2013

We are inundated with every conceivable message source at all times. The digital world of hardware and software is compounding on an exponential basis. So, one could logically assume that hack ads would be long gone over the airways.

Current TV Ad:

Car salesman shaking a fist full of cash laughing and yelling:

“A hundred dollars says we will beat your best deal…regardless!”

Assumption: As long as dealers and retailers are still buying these ads and selling this way, it must still be working. But this really says more about the buyer than the seller. It says to me that even with all the technology we control in the palm of our hand, we must still have a propensity to want to be insulted or sold or closed? Is this a comfort zone? How do these perpetrators still get away with this?


Let’s continually distinguish and separate the role of the buyer and the seller, and commit to elevate the relationship to parallel the technological advances we now control. All this should be driven by the fact that buying and selling is a function of decision making and that any transaction should be governed as such.


Adopt a system (a buyer/seller model) that becomes the filter when judging pseudo attempts like the above to try to sell us anything. At some point, when a critical mass is achieved of well armed and discriminating decision makers, these bogus attempts will disappear. Then we can get more in lock step with the advances that technology has brought us. And, maybe more serious and educated commerce will rule the day.


Start now. Don’t know about you, but if I see another one of those antiquated and irritating car commercials, I may have to reduce my high tech, high def, multi function monitor into so much rubble.

Thought food:

I doubt the manufacturers ever thought that today’s content would have ever had such a stalled gap between form and function. Maybe it will not take another million apps?

As always…You will decide.