Business people who are successful have to be exceptional decision makers. This is actually related to their leadership capacity. Their sense of due diligence, commitment, solutions and action is generally better than others. This gives them an edge over others in the rarely found commodities of risk taking and execution.

If we could establish our minimum traits list, it could begin like this:

They look for and find opportunities (not just problems)

They are solution focused (beginning with the end in mind)

They are fearful (like most) but not controlled, limited or stagnated by fear

They ask the right questions (at the right time)

They align themselves with like-minded people (with success track records)

They innovate rather than imitate (with a value proposition)

They are life-long learners (constantly educating themselves)

They are more interested in effectiveness (than with an easy answer)

They finish what they start (they complete their model)

They practice what they preach (not hypocritical)

ZDT Author’s Note:
Add to this list from your own experience…and please share back with us.