(Even if You Are Not in Selling)

For those of us who were fortunate enough to have a valuable mentor who continued to keep us challenged, here is a memorable quote charged to me that has cemented to this very day:

 “Make sure that the first sell you make today is on yourself”

Question: Why is that important?

Answer: Because no one can control what surprises will be presented in the marketplace, only their response to it. The best possible defense for these uncertainties is being confident in your own abilities and talents. Point is, not many take the time to itemize or give adequate emphasis to their distinct and unique abilities. When you are sure of your position, you certainly have an advantage, but more importantly, others around you sense it as well. That makes selling or communicating a much more predicable transaction.

Of all the alternatives of how you may go about taking a personal inventory and the steps for keeping it foremost in your mental hierarchy, we would suggest a simple, memorable and tangible MODEL.

Note: In the free eBook; “DECISIONING WITH THE MODEL” all the essentials are well documented.

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The Structural Elements

From the MODEL outline:

Easily recognized

Distinctive structure

Easily remembered

Quickly established

Interactive requirement

Requires commitment

Progressive steps

Each step should be interlocking

Completely transferable


The Recommended Steps

In order, as follows:

Discovery (Take your personal inventory…reduce to the most unique traits that you know you can execute)

Commitment (This is your “whatever it takes” statement…a meme)

Solution (These are the problems you believe you can solve)

Action (This is why and where you plan to go today and tomorrow)

A simple and effective MODEL can make this paradigm shift much easier [point is, if not this one …get one].

Key Point: Don’t move forward or skip ahead without true agreement and affirmation with yourself.

ZDT Author’s Comment:

No matter if you are in selling as a profession or not, the principles remain. In your everyday contact with others, your confidence and positive self-esteem can only become an asset. From a new perspective (POV)…now that you have made the most important first sale…the rest (communication challenges) may seem relatively easy, painless and efficient.

As always…you decide.

 Discovery    Commitment    Solution    Action