That’s a question that we should ask ourselves (and others) daily.

I have often been asked why and how I decided to take on the broad subject of decisioning?

My answer is and will continue to be: What could be more important?

It all started with my own practical experience of over 30 years.

The conclusion, after countless sales and marketing interviews, was that people would rather make a sound decision (that they would not regret later) than to be closed or sold by a salesperson. And that, everyone will be confronted with decisions…the question is how they will be decided.

That condition then became a logical link to decisioning in general (not just sales), which lead to our first book Zillion Dollar Thinking. The book is dedicated to the awareness of the need of effective decisioning as a priority and includes a practical MODEL to adopt to gain objectivity in the process.

The MODEL has Four successive steps.

Step One: Discovery

Step Two: Commitment

Step Three: Solution

Step Four: Action

Here is how the MODEL worked with my own decision to contribute an alternative to this life long dilemma…

Step One: The discovery is/was that decision making is fundamental to most everyone’s life, and that an objective, repeatable, transferable, effective and simple model could become an important alternative to no formal or conscious process (winging it).

Step Two: Once the discovery was identified and cemented, the degree of commitment became one of “whatever it takes.” To get the message out it would take consistent focus, drive and dedication (in other words…relentless commitment).

Step Three: The solution in this case was/is to use all the means of emerging technology to increase exposure and awareness…e.g. Print and Digital editions of ZDT, a dedicated website, a consistent Blog (with several hundred combined posts), social networking, several articles and publications as an expert contributor on the subject to name a few examples.

Step Four: The actions, plans and activities are ongoing. The key is to “keep on keeping on” while recruiting those who may have a vision for what not only could help them in decisioning but their significant others who could also benefit.

I’ve also been asked if I had it to do over again…would I decide on this topic…to which I respond with our mantra “thinking through life one decision at the time.”

I consider the how in decisioning an important calling.

As always…you decide.