If you will be exercising your voting right in the very near future, here are a few due diligence tags worth considering before you cast your decision:

“The Latest Polls Say…”

How many times a day do we see this headline? How many times is there full disclosure that describes the details of how a poll was structured and framed? One site that you can use as a benchmark:

“20 Questions A Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results”


Truth or Lies? A Crisis of Integrity.

Overt or subtle, it’s all the same. A lie is a lie, and the truth is the truth (absolute opposites). It is a white hot issue, especially in the current climate of corporations, politics, world order and the influence on our individual freedoms. Who can or will you trust? It is a vital decision.


Which is the Higher Decision?

Beliefs are deeply held truths about life. Beliefs are one’s thoughts about some aspect of life, the way it is or the way it should be. Think of beliefs as long term perspectives about life…about all of life and not just one’s own life.

Regardless of where you come down on either position, notice that one decision is active while the other is passive. One requires discovery and the other is simply rejection with or without due diligence.

Decisions and fundamental beliefs are closely linked. They also are predictive of future decisions. Your pattern as a believer or a disbeliever should be easy to track over a relatively short time. This is certainly not scientific or certifiable, but food for your decisioning thought.


Are You Paying Your Dues?

Considering this bit of Wordsmithing, the key point is that due diligence is the first and most principal obligation to satisfy when making most any decision of substance.

Here’s the question: Before you make any important move, purchase or decision, can there be too much due diligence?

As an example…consider that you are about to buy a business (a typical small business in U.S.). What would be the minimum steps that you would impose on the acceptance or rejection of the deal? Try these for starters:



Will You Decide on Herd Mentality?

With less than a week, we will have a ( 2010) National election. Here’s today’s headline:

 “This weeks unemployment has dropped from 450,000 to 434,000

…and that’s the good news.”

And, of course this has come on the heels of several weeks (in succession) of similar such good news. Overall, this is a dismal picture that we are supposed to embrace as progress [herd mentality] because it was not as bad as expected. But, this could be any news that is fed to us by some media chain that has its own particular reporting agenda.


These are just a sampling of several posts that you can use as due diligence in your decisioning and before casting your vote. The common denominator in each of these is that this is serious business. Unfortunately for some, not even worth the effort. Conversely, the opposite camp considers this as a vital election. Hopefully, these nuggets will be of help.

As always…you will decide.