Back in the early days of selling, and after a black tsunami wall of negativity, I was desperate for help. I was at the point of introspection. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, a fellow salesperson pointed me to a book:


 Written by: William H. Cook

Back then, my first question was “what do scriptures have to do with selling?” And, as the book cover illustrated, it looked like a lot of contradiction.

In the introduction, Cook states the dilemma…making the spiritual practical. And, he further states where the conflicts exist:

 -The Success area

-The Motivation area

-The Spiritual area

…and, that the individual who correctly assimilates these three areas can fully expect extraordinary achievement and energetic motivation.

We highly recommend trying to find a copy of this inspiring book (if you can), especially if you are in the selling profession.

As a publication, one of the tests of a classic is the test of time. This one is timeless (circa 1974). In fact, his points and apps are more pertinent today than yesterday.

Focusing in on just one facet of his guidelines, he states:

-God is interested in your success (provided that your definition of success is correct)

-God put man in the world to succeed…not to fail

-God wrote a Book that has infinite and infallible principles of success

-God knows more about how to motivate men and women more than any human authority in any field

The purpose here is not a book review, it is more of a life view. In your search, you may find even more motivating authors, titles and concepts. Point is, the spiritual aspect of your success life is well worth your careful consideration, meditation and application.

So, if you find that you are facing your own tsunami, or have hit the wall, you may well consider what this scripture has to offer:

For then you shall make your way prosperous,

and then you shall have good success” Joshua 1:8

As always…You decide.