If you had the opportunity and motivation to reboot your thinking, what would be different this time around? Would you have a plan, a model/process or any new methodology?”

Consider this…we are living in a increasingly controlling environment, and consequently, the only real control that we can independently maintain is what we think and how we think.

Remember the famous verse of “as a man thinketh so shall he be.”

It really all comes down to that.


Given this dilemma/challenge, what is there to commit to?

For one category, how about that friend, relative or other associate that you repeatedly helped or bailed out who eventually cost you a serious financial and emotional price. In that case, the vow may be to leave them in the rear view mirror, or at the least, to not fall pray to the repeated (deceptions, lies, failures, duping, lack of trust and promises).

Of course, the are a zillion other issues and regrettable decisions that you would love to take back. With this exercise, it’s your opportunity.


Try this…make a list with the most costly “stinking thinking” at the top, and remember the definition of insanity. Make goals with timelines. Get creative and resourceful. Employ technology. Take this seriously, and it could be rewarding and beneficial.

A mulligan in golf is a beautiful thing…a reboot of thinking could be the ultimate mulligan.


Set a date to reboot, and even better, publish it or share it with somebody else (that you trust). This may be one of those times when the chore of “decisioning” becomes fun again.

As always…you decide.