Often, the difference in winning/losing or success/failure is minuscule. It can well be the key to short and long range achievement. But, how often have you employed or been the victim of the Slight Edge Principle?

Think on these (a short list…today):

Racing>Photo Finish (Racing of all types)

Sport Fishing>Depth and Range Finders-Lure and Equipment Advances

Competitive Sports>Instant Replay-Training and Equipment Innovation

Policing>Radar Detectors-Cameras-High Tech Communication

Crime and Identification>Surveillance Cameras-Motion detectors

Hunting>High Tech Guns-Scopes-Camouflage -Scents

Ghosting>Mimic Training w/ Apps and Templates

Simulation>Real-Time Mock Exercises in Controlled Environments

Military>Drones, Robotics, Night Instruments and Stealthy Others

Satellites>Zillions of Apps

As you think and ponder just these few examples, imagine what the Slight Edge opportunity was only a few years ago…almost zilch (and little vision for its application). But today, look at the consequence of outcomes from its effect. With where we are headed, (the need for innovation in this sector), and for our economic survival, this could be a timely subject to consider.

Progressively, here are a few of tomorrow’s SEP (Slight Edge Principles) that could be considered:

Virtual Reality (With Micro Gadgetry and Hardware)

Data Minding (Not Mining)

Poll Vaulting (Polling Verification/Full Disclosure/Full Accessibility)

Probability Programming (Instant Random Sampling and Decisioning)

AV/24/7 (Everything in Real Time)

Believability Quotients (Truth measurement devices)

Others (TBD)

ZDT Author’s Summary:

Not sure which (if any) of these scenarios will be players, but it is sure that decisioning will be the critical differentiation in the outcome. The “Slight Edge Principle” that we will continue to recommend going forward is Zillion Dollar Thinking and this Blog. Each are totally dedicated to your success and prosperity through Modeling. We hope you will spread the message.

We have even seen this principle exaggerated to the point of the ZDT book mounted in a glass front wall frame with the inscription:

“In Case of Emergency…Break Glass.”

 This may be one of those times?

 As always…you decide.