Good vs. Evil

Black vs. White

Up vs. Down

Man vs. Woman

Slave vs. Free

Day vs. Night

Big vs. Small

Fast vs. Slow

Right vs. Left

Animal vs. Vegetable

Hard vs. Soft

Thick vs. Thin

Life vs. Death

Sometimes we make the subject of decisioning complicated. That is not necessary in certain categories. The ones listed here are but a few examples. These are absolutes that are basically polar opposites. Yes, there are degrees and middle grounds, but once you are in one camp or the other, you will generally tend to vote down that line.

Point here is that you can hasten the decisioning process if you simply lean back (see the bigger picture) and realize in which path and category the decision is headed. In considering absolutes, their character does not really change. Consequently, once you determine your path, it could hasten the direction of a good vs. bad decision.

It has been well repeated before that “the simple things will confound the wise.” This app, as related to decisioning, may be one of those times…simple as that.

As always…you decide.