Current reports are claiming that almost half of the adult population trusts and/or believes in astrological signs, stars, tarot cards, visions, readings, charts and other techniques.

Now, stir in many of the other subjective alternatives into the world of decisioning:

Instincts and Gut Feelings

(Intuition, Abstraction, Baseless, Feelings, Hunches, Small Voices)
Herd Thinking
(Crowd Mentality, Blind Faith, Parties, Non-objective, Fraternal Rushing)
Pure Chance
(Cards, Dice, Coins, Eight-Ball, Roulette, Abstract Devices)
Various Traditions
(Calendars, Ceremonies, Celebrations, Holidays)
Social and Fraternal Influences
(Codes, Signs, Symbols, Handshakes, Rituals, Secrets)
Cultural Ideologies
(Sacrifices, Rituals, Customs)
Technological Influences
(Mobile Connections, Social Networks, Chat Rooms, Sites, Blogs)
Gadgets and Apps
(Computers, Smart Phones, Programs, Media Players, Digitals, Wireless)
(Visions, Readings, Signs, Symbols)
Family, Friends and Business Influences
(Bias, Prejudice, Tradition, Influence, Habit, Rituals)
Other Beliefs and Cults
(Evolution, Scientology, Church of the XXX, Zen Buddhism)
Churches, Denominations and Religious Organizations
(And countless others)

Question? With all these subjective alternatives, why would anyone go to the trouble to objectively model a pending decision?

Each day we are getting ominous news, threats and alarms from various media sources. With this news and information, we are mounting increasing pressure to make intelligent decisions. They will affect not only us, but many of those around us.

Yes, the subjective route is easier and leaves a broad excuse if things do not pan out. But, the higher the stakes, the greater the need for tangible wisdom.

Going forward, will you look for a sign from a UFO, or will you seriously weigh your objective commitment with a pending dilemma?

As always…you decide.