At the core of the book Zillion Dollar Thinking, is the MODEL for making objective decisions. It was designed to be a simple, effective, memorable, repeatable and transferable concept. The research behind this formula repeatedly showed that most attempts to build a decisioning process were buried in confusing, complicated and lengthy forms.

The continuing question is…why adopt a process or system that has so many built-in negatives that it is unworkable and ineffective?

An age old maximum says “out of sight…out of mind.” There is no substitute for repetition. So, moving forward, and considering the above dilemma, we plan to package our blog entries around the four steps of the MODEL.

Since everything is going digital and traveling at thought speed, it is more important than ever to have a simple and repeatable process to manage and decide on this avalanche of information. Time to rethink the MODEL?

The four MODEL steps again:

One: Discovery

Two: Commitment

Three: Solution

Four: Action

Yes, the basic words can be substituted as long as the definitions stay in tack. The important point is that each step stays in the same order and no advancing of sequential steps until each one is complete.

Note again the emphasis on objectivity. Now may be a good time to repeat our meme:

“Thinking Through Life One Decision at the Time”

Stay tuned…

*MODEL: Method Of Decisioning for Everything in Life