“Absolutely Guaranteed for Life”

“Never Before…Never Again”



How many times have you fallen for an alluring and magnetic headline or statement that is to good to be believed? With smart gadgets constantly in your hand, how can you avoid it?

Today, she may look great…but without PhotoShop (or another app)?


The underlying issue is really one of deception from the sender and gullibility by the receiver. The commitment should be to yourself. It requires more commitment than ever to filter down to the truth and with whatever it takes to get there. This scrutiny includes headlines, brash statements, obvious lies, empty promises, deceptions in every form…in other words…the truth v. the lie…from anyone.

There is no better objective in making a wise decision than one based on the facts and rooted in the truth.


The goal here is to become more aware and conscious, and to discern headlines, statements and promises through your own MODEL (it all comes back to a repeatable process).

The classic adage:

“If it walks and quacks like a duck” has never been more pertinent.

Point is, we are now living with the product of  collective decisioning. How is that working out?

So, with words and statements that simply do not add up, our decision making future depends on our  ability, commitment and discernment to be successful in this critical area of our life.


Make a goal…take a vow…keep a promise…do something that creates a paradigm shift about effective decisioning. It is time we all become more pro-active in a consciousness that combats deceptions and lies no matter where they originate.

As always…you decide (maybe you need the book).