Today, even after all the current methods, systems and technologies, a simple and proven sales/marketing process is even harder to find and implement than ever before. Research shows that either one is too complicated and basically ineffective, or else it does not communicate logically and ends in frustration for the seller and the buyer.

If you are in sales, there are several reasons to consider adopting a model that is a tried, true and repeatable system. Among others, an effective model should include:

A documented and successfully proven system with years of success. If you have witnessed and/or have participated in other systems in the past…Do you use any of them today? Why…Why Not?

Works with both big and small situations and events…a universal system
You should not need to reinvent additional presentations or “shoot from the hip” which could question your professionalism

Requires interactivity, agreement, effective and decisive communication
Automatically deters domination of the seller and requires the buyer to become involved in the process (interactive vs. passive)

Contains a simple and transferable graphic element (e.g. triangle/pyramid)
Should be able to be sketched or transferred to most any surface and most anywhere almost instantly…Transfers the focus to a workable model

It is logical, “easily and quickly” communicated and it develops trust
“People in the dark are rarely cooperative…being enlightened ahead by a standardized model is vital before buy-in or action”

It is consultative rather than “hard selling” in delivery and presentation
It is provable that the general public has little appetite toward any high pressure techniques

It serves as a very early and continuing qualifier or eliminator
Consider the average in-person sales call costing $460, and this area becomes very quantifiable

It works across most any industry market, product or service
Once you learn and practice an effective universal model system…You may leave a product or service…You will always have a transferable model to take with you

It is the ultimate sales training tool because of the “accountability” factor
An effective model will allow you to track most and break down any sales or presentation problem or issue by analyzing each step and their requirements

It can work for tangible or intangible products or services
This is especially important if your organization is selling products and services…Again, you do not have to reinvent it over and over

It is a transferable concept and can even be understood by children
That should be the acid test of any selling system…Q. Could your young son/daughter or your mom/dad understand it?

The list can go on and on *(you will want to add from your own experience)

Most of these benefits can be calculated with a quantifiable monetary result in most industry sectors. The largest benefit is the one that answers the question: “Will I continue to use this system year after year?”

With any new or unproven concept (to you), each individual and/or organization will have to come to their own conclusion about the inclusion of a selling model. Once decided, I hope your experience will be as good as mine has been over 25+ years.

ZDT Author’s comment:

“We are all selling something.”