Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Brain Freezes, Memory Lapses and other mind related conditions…all seem to have at least some possible link to exercising and challenging the brain.

Whether this proves out to be relative or not, it could be good insurance. Logically, we are told by knowledgeable mentors (family-friends-physicians) that “if we don’t use it we could lose it.” It is possible that this connection has line extension from physical to mental.

I watched someone very dear to me waste away from Alzheimer’s very recently. What I observed was that even though she diligently worked the garden, ate healthy, had all the vital physical ratios, never even had a tooth cavity…in other words, no obvious physical exceptions that may have triggered this dread disease.

Through her life, she had very obvious creative talents in several areas that kept her challenged. On the other hand, she rarely dealt with logic and/or numbers. She did read the papers, but no cross-word puzzles and no writing.

In all, there were unchallenged areas that could lead one to conclude that “maybe if” all the dimensions of the brain had been highly challenged…?

My personal take away:




Solve Problems-Communicate-Decide

In all, use the right, left, conscious and unconscious brain while you still have it.

As stated, when it comes to our mind/brain, probably one of the best things we can do is exercise it like any other muscle or organ. Don’t wait until you lose someone close to help you decide to take at least some initial action.

As always…you decide (while you are able).