Back in the day, I had the rare opportunity to effect an industry to the positive.

The industry was publishing. The decision was Quality Control.

Problem: Volumes of publications were being delivered defectively

Commitment: Quality Control innovation needed within the publishing industry

Solution: Random Sampling using the Military Statistical Standard

Action: Independent Departments designated solely to monitor quality

The full story can be found here:

The main issue here is quality vs. quantity. As with any production oriented industry, you can pump out tons of volume if there is no regard to quality. And, if your production unit condones a post operative examination/response, there is little interference in the cycle…which leads the question of quantity/quality.

This is an industry example. Yes, it worked as stated in the publishing industry, but does it apply to life and decisioning in general?

Notice that this issue has been framed by using the four steps of the MODEL.

Point is, as used here, the more we expose the MODEL to everyday decisioning the more valid this approach applies. Rather than me (as the author) apply these steps for you with our own examples and real life experiences…please allow us to ask you for your own application of the MODEL or any other transferable technique that leads you into the quality of a decision versus the quantity…in all, it’s a form of quality control.

We look forward to your feedback.

As always…you decide.