Which one is it?


Live or die?

Live bait.

Live and let live.

Live another day.

How can we live this way?

Is this a live wire?

There are single words that have several meanings. It’s one of those dichotomies that rings true in the English language.

What about in life?


Isn’t it amazing that many will commit to a direction or decision before they are certain which definition they are chasing (like the above). Ever happen to you? The true commitment here is one of due diligence. In other words, let’s make sure we have the object clearly identified before we pull the trigger. It could save much time, frustration and money.


Enter a model…a track…a process. This step makes the complex simple. It takes the guessing away. It is the opportunity to correctly and objectively define the problem (or definition) and walk through the designed steps. And, if it’s effective, it’s repeatable to most any subject.


Go search. Simple as that. You and I still have family, friends and associates who refuse to tap into a search engine when in doubt or need clarity. The reality is that, today, there is no excuse for not taking the fundamental step of due diligence and the true definition.

As always…you decide.