You have seen it repeatedly. Someone is trying to persuade, convince or sell you something, and they simply do not know when to cut it off. Their conviction and force is overwhelming and often annoying. You can feel stuck and helpless.


Generally, when someone does not know when to quit, they are doggedly committed to their cause. What about your commitment?

One response could be a commitment not to argue, and to respond only when you are collected and can reply logically.

Another…do not allow an assault to last longer than a couple of minutes…then, be firm with your own response and position.

The best approach could be to demonstrate or show a model (or steps) of how you sort information and make decisions of most any kind.

Then, when someone is far from your methodology, by using your own system, you can reel them back instantly. It could be the best antidote for both parties.


Adopt a model. Whether you use it with each decision or not, is not the issue. The fact that you have a system of decisioning puts you in a completely different world. You no longer need to be a victim.

Now, when an aggressor has no regard for your time, sentiment or feelings, you have the absolute remedy for their intimidation or intrusion. And yes, a reliable and flexible model can work in many other communication dilemmas.


No need to wait until your next confrontation, a workable model is as close as a search engine. Or, of course, you can adopt ours (hint).

As always…you decide.