In blogging, as with any other writing challenge or assignment, it’s one thing to decide on what to write about…entirely another to decide on the words used to communicate the idea.

For a few examples, let’s look at some word categories:

Acronym: An abbreviation, pronounced as a word, consisting of the initial letters of a multiword name or expression. It can consist of uppercase letters (NASA) and lowercase (Nasdaq).

Anepronym: A trademarked brand name now used generically, such as Aspirin or Kleenex.

Antonym: A word distinguished from another with an opposite meaning, such as large, as compared to small.

Eponym: A proper or common name deriving from another name, asSan Francisco (in honor of St. Francis) or many scientific terms, such as watt (named after James Watt).

Heteronym: A word spelled the same way for different meanings, such as wear (to clothe oneself) as opposed to wear (to atrophy).

Homonym: A word pronounced or spelled the same but different in meaning, like hi and high (also called homophones).

Metonym: A term that identifies something by its association (such asWashington standing for theU.S. government).

Pseudonym: A name adopted by an author e.g. stage names (performing arts) ring names (professional wrestling), and handles (computer hacking, or CB or ham radio operation).

Synonym: A word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or other words in a language. A word or an expression that serves as a figurative or symbolic substitute for another.

Toponym: A place name, whether it retains capitalization, or is lowercased in generic usage, such as burgundy.

Note: There are some differing opinions as to the spelling and usage of these categories; as such, we disclaim any responsibility as to their authenticity.

In just this short category of words, you can easily see how deep word selection can run, and how the complexity of word decisions can develop.

In fact, it really shows that in writing there is or should be more credit awarded to professionalism in this craft because of the vast number of considerations specific to written communication.

Writing is truly an art and a science using words as the medium.

As always…you decide.