As a follow up to a previous post (Why We Don’t Buy Green Bananas Dated 4-22-11), it explained why the older folks may avoid the green ones, but maybe why you as a salesperson should consider how to put them to profitable use…let me explain.

For those who believe that “decisioning is the new selling,” you may want to consider this sales concept. Of course, this sector of selling would definitely fall under the narrow category of “perishables”…and that alone becomes a USP…which can only add to your unique differentiation.

The Concept

Here’s the concept: Calculate how many closing presentations you may have scheduled for the week. You will want to have located where you will buy your green banana stock ahead (Note: they should be purchased the same day of the interview…and not left in a hot car…obvious reasons).

Here’s the deal: have a green banana ready. If the interview becomes one of “I want to think about it (estimated that 50% of them do),” then produce the banana and say “We have found that when folks get to this stage of decisioning, sometimes in these cases, it helps to have a tangible object that has a perishable time line (you may even point them to the above “Green Banana” article). Once I hand this to you, the clock will be ticking, and I would ask that you let me call you with the condition of the fruit before it gets rotten or uneatable and your decision…usually within a week. In other words, the banana becomes a practical reminder for both of us. Fair enough? Oh, and should you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, our sticker (like the Dole logo) is here on the banana with all our contact information.”

Perishable Sectors

Now, how many times have you seen that approach? As a line extension, consider how many other “perishables” you can use or include in your unique presentation arsenal (eggs…lemons and limes…apples, etc.). The objective would remain the same.

In this case, we are employing a fruit that is green.

Question: Who knows, if you used this technique repeatedly…you could qualify as being the creator of a new sector of “Green Jobs?”

As always…you decide.

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