All growth comes from some form of feeding…even decisions.

Food Sources
One source could come from: Fear…Doubt…Negativity
Another could come from: Love…Power…Positive Thought
There are a multitude of other sources.

Point is; the source of food has much to do with the final product e.g. “garbage in-garbage out.” As with any care-taking responsibility, if the object is not properly and consistently nourished and maintained, a fatality can be expected. That’s why many important decisions end up in the bone pile.

There are at least four types of sources that it takes to properly nourish a needed decision.

Feed the Facts (Due Diligence)
Today, there are few excuses for not feeding from this source. We have every possible resource (digital-electronic-wireless) to gather facts, information and intelligence to find/discover exactly what is needed. This is today’s Superfood that is available for a very low cost.

Feed the Commitment
Let’s call this source the secret component. It’s much like in a family recipe where the ingredients are well guarded, but that is the very reason that the end product is a prize winner. This secret formula should be included in every receipt, and with a heavy dose.

Feed the Solution
This is the recipe. This is where you select the right dish to fit the meal, taste and occasion. Be it Appetizers, Salads, Sides, Mains, Desserts…the right solution is no less important. The original facts and discovery should always support the appropriate solution. The right solution is vital to the right decision.

Feed the Action
None of the above (care and feeding) will cook without the right activities. Timing, stirring, shaking, mixing, temperatures and cooking are all activities that will make the dish a product of reality. This analogy may seem a bit abstract. But like any knowledgeable chef, they know that certain steps are vital and cannot be left out. They also know that a proven process will make the end product more predictable and exceptional. The preparation steps, ingredients and expertise are all irreplaceable to them.

The same is true in decisioning.

Food for thought?