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The average “face to face” sales call in industries (across the board) is $420 per call and the average number of calls to yield a sale is 4.2…Mistakes are very costly.

There are increasing malpractice and sales market conduct lawsuits with higher monitory awards.

The internet is confusing prospects with “information overload” creating added consumer mistrust.

Prospects have a harder time understanding and remembering many compliant/complicated proposals.

There is a constant demand from sales managers to learn and implement the latest selling techniques.

There is a growing need for a reliable model to help prospects make educated buying decisions.

Since hard selling is out…what is your softer solution?

Since referrals are harder to secure…what is your answer to attaining them in today’s market?

Are you creating “buy-in before you ask for buy-of?”

Are you gaining “permission-commitment-agreement-enlightenment” in the very first interview?

Are you giving a model before asking for an order?

Are you willing to have your sales pitch videotaped (videophoned)? (More consumers are requiring it)

Can you demonstrate your selling process on a napkin in three-minutes (with no other props)?

Do you have a “fail-safe” tool for identifying a selling problem that you or an associate may have?

Are you creating “repeat clients or one-shot customers?”

Is your selling approach “provably unique…yet believable?”

Can your selling system be “dollarized?” (Placing a dollar value on each one of its merits)

Is your approach “highly interactive” with the prospect? (As a consultative approach)

Is your prospect “better off” having seen your approach…even if they don’t buy?

If they didn’t buy…did your approach automatically leave the door open for a later opportunity?

Does your approach automatically satisfy the charge of “due-diligence?”

Can you easily overcome the “I want to think about it” objection?

If you are a sales professional, do any of these burn your stomach?

Does your current sales/marketing process answer these questions?

(Hint: Get Zillion Dollar ThinkingTM. It could be your Pepto.)