As an Auburn grad, the visual of Dufnering [Jason Dufner, pro golfer] brings back images of a long frat night of partying and consequent complete melt down in the back halls (like a raw oyster laying on the half shell). Beauty.

On the other hand, Sethnering [Seth Godin, pro marketing expert] is the positive experience or sensation one could get from a serious and thoughtful mining of his marketing posts, articles and books. They are amazingly fresh…original…uniquely pertinent and inspiring in today’s economy. I am taking poetic license here, but if you are a marketeer, the idea is to find someone who can champion your category.


As crowded as the information universe is today, the challenge for the rest of us is to create a voice and message that is as instantly memorable as “Duferning” and yet as meaningful and enduring as “Setherning.”

Goal: Take a definite direction.


The solution is to become inspired (emulating a Seth) or otherwise become exhausted (like the image of a tired out Dufanator). There will not be much success from exhaustion. So, the path ahead is really simple.


Gentlemen start your search engines…

Because of accessibility, it will be impossible not to find a mentor/model if you are serious about your search. As one who has attempted to post meaningful and timely posts over the last few years…I remain impressed with Mr. Godin for his unique ability and absolute consistency. I hope you find your own hero.


As the latest ads say: “We All Love the “Duff.” I am not referring to him negatively…It’s just that his off camera gotcha provided a fresh symbolism to what complete exhaustion looks like. Funny.

As always…you decide.