On the surface many will call these synonymous, but maybe not so fast.

Often, we may gloss over this slight distinction when faced with a decision disguised as a problem. But, if we apply the Zillion Dollar Thinking MODEL, we may come to a more extensive alternative.

To refresh, the MODEL has four distinct steps.


(the problem to be solved)


(the missing link)


(the marriage of the real problem to the ideal remedy)


(the proactive plan of execution)

So using this model, finding and identifying the problem is just the first step of four in the process. Important point: Step Two often becomes the differentiator…the step of commitment.

Commitment comes in several forms: promise, pledge, vow, obligation, assurance, binder, word, guarantee, warrant, etc.

But again, when was the last time you approached problem solving with the cornerstone of commitment in the process? The reason that is vital is that without commitment it is easy to abort the issue, not dig deep enough or not follow through for a zillion other reasons.

Take away…next time you are faced with a decision you instantly brand as a problem in search of a cursory solution, consider a model approach that is sealed by a solemn and carefully crafted commitment.

The higher the stakes, the more you may need to re-consider.

As always…you decide.