In this country, we take things like air, water, food and decision making for granted. Just think, they are all a part of the resources that are available and we enjoy as a product of living in our free society.

You may say that the air, water and food is one thing…but…decision making?

Thankfully, when we actually decide to do something (that is not illegal), we have the freedom to act on it. We can start a business, choose a career, adopt a religion, gamble, trade, chew, spit or send an email…primarily because we made the conscious decision to do something. Nobody is dictating (yet) what we have to do or not do.

If I told you that you could no longer have the air, water and food, how hard would you rebel? What steps would you take? How volatile might you become? And, why would you react…because it is essential to your life.

If I told you that any decisions you made could no longer be acted on, at any price and under no circumstance because you no longer had that freedom…it has been stripped. Who would have the ability or authority to rob you? What would be your response? Would you now recognize that the freedom and ability to make independent decisions is ranking up there with those other resources that were assumed rights?

The charge here is about our free society and what we tend to take for granted, our fight to keep it free and the stealth awareness we need to exercise when our freedom is in jeopardy. When thoughtfully considered, we may conclude that individual decision making is a vital commodity in a free society…right up there next to air-water-food.

This condition is not necessarily a revelation, but hopefully it is a firm reminder. So from a timing perspective, we will be adding this American gift (of what we are thankful for) to our Thanksgiving dinner blessing this year.

As always…you decide (thankfully).