This exercise/technique is an abbreviated method of selecting 10 of the most applicable questions from the *ZDT Calculators for a direction. It could be an effective tool when time is short and the decision is important.

If you apply the 4 steps from our standard *MODEL TM as a template, it can work as a guide to analyze and execute objective decisions.

The ZDT Calculator Question Categories:


To what degree is due diligence and suitability necessary or required in this decision ? (1-10)

To what level will this decision make any difference in my life or actions ? (1-10)


To what degree do I have a level of accountability built into this decision making step? (1-10)

Is there any written statement of commitment surrounding this process? (1[none] -10 [actual])

To what degree is there any monitory or other loss to me as a consequence of not living up to this commitment? (1-10)


To what degree is there any form of plan or written agreement that describes the details of this solution? (1-10)

Where does my chosen solution rank on the cost/benefit scale? (1-10)


Is there an “action plan” that can be tracked and measured in place? (1-10)

Are my goals and objectives in written form with time tables? (1-no/10-yes)

Summary Question: To what degree did all the previous steps give me confidence?

Scale 1-10 (1 = Least Likely 10 = Most Likely)

Now, add all the above and calculate your total score:

Below 50 – “not ready to decide”

Between 50 – 65 – “maybe something to pursue later”

Between 65 – 80 – “highly probable to proceed”

Above 80 – “ready… let’s take the next step”

*From the book: Zillion Dollar ThinkingTM

Disclaimer: These questionnaires and evaluations are for illustrative purposes only. They are not a guarantee or promise of any future results. We disclaim any liability in their application.

Again, this is a short form technique to help assess important and objective decisioning when you do not have the time to fully weigh the decision with the ZDT Calculators (40 questions) in the ZDT book (recommended).

As always…you decide.

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