You think you are facing yourself as a simple reflection only to find that you are being observed as the subject of a two-way mirror.

What’s the point?

The analogy here is that, often when you make a decision, you believe that you are deciding in a vacuum…just you and your decision. But, in this picture, would you make the same decision if you knew you were being monitored, observed and evaluated based on your process?

Like a guy shaving, it happens almost every day (usually in front of a mirror). And, anything that you do daily can become habitual, routine and automatic. Consequently, you tend to not think or evaluate your process too deeply.

The objective here is to consider a paradigm shift using your mirror as a “trigger.” The next time you look in a mirror while brushing, shaving or whatever…analyze what you are thinking. If it happens to be an idea, decision or solution (like in the shower…where the fresh ideas can come from)…apply this question: “What is my process here?” In this case, imagine that your coach/mentor is behind the glass, and they are challenging your position with the phrase of: “How did you arrive at this decision or this thinking?”

If you are using an objective process, it would be good to become more conscious and deliberate in your app (application). If not already done, write it out. Reason: Make it a more universal app in other decisions and deliberations.

If there is no process, formula or model, this may be the “trigger” to make that change? As always, we will recommend that the bones of a model include these four progressive steps:





Whether you decide to take any of these steps or not, the goal remains the same…objectivity. The idea here is to create an additional “trigger” using an item that almost everyone uses every day.

Please re-consider our mantra: “Thinking through life…One decision at a time.” Simple as that.

As always…you decide.