Some say, advice is cheap. In my case it was free, yet it was some of the best wisdom I ever received. I was fortunate early in my career to meet a highly effective and influential professional executive. Routinely, he generously gave me the benefits of his experience and sage guidance at very critical times. Many of his directions were game changers.

Although he was vital to many successes, he also said “don’t stop with me.” He stressed repeatedly, that to be exceptional, one needs to have exceptional people in their circle to both advise in direction and assist in the execution of their plans. What that meant was that in spiritual matters, have a spiritual mentor…have a business mentor…and develop selected others that you are willing to trust and commit to.

Once chosen, each mentor should be held to the same MODEL. You will want to establish your own. My criteria was/is four steps:

Due Diligence – The deliberate search for expertise and relationship connections
Commitment – The continuing bond/responsibility that each party will vow to uphold
Solution – The definable positive production results of the association
Action – The constant challenge/encouragement that effective mentorship requires

Please see the post dated Friday, May 14, 2010: In the MODEL System
(The four primary words that fill each step of the MODELTM System)

Here’s the deal: Today, everything is at digital speed. It’s getting harder to gain objectivity and perspective. It’s also becoming more challenging to find people you can trust. You see the picture. Question is…would it make your life better and/or easier if you had specific mentors?
Transferable concept:
Decide on mentors.

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