(and the Habits of Creatures)

 “People do not decide their future…they decide on their habits…and their habits decide their future.”   Mike Murdock

Good habits are hard to make…bad ones are even harder to break. Maybe that’s why we are often referred to as: “Creatures of Habit.”

As blogged earlier (ZDT Post dated 10-21-10), in his excellent booklet The Common Denominator of Success, Albert E.N.Gray stated the secret was very simple:

“Successful people form a habit of doing the things failures decide not to do“

 Earl Nightingale in Think and Grow Rich stated that:

 “We become what we think about”

And on and on…the history of our thoughts and habits being linked to the successes and failures in our lives are captured by volumes of authors. So, what else is new?

Nothing…and, that is the point.

The deal is that we would all do well to simply remember that connection. It hasn’t changed from the beginning and will not change in the future.

Thinking the right thoughts habitually in this socioeconomic environment is becoming increasingly difficult. The mantra of the current national and international media believes that sensationalism in any form will gain and hold our attention, and keep us totally distracted.

Unfortunately, with all the latest high tech gadgets, we are being invaded with more than we can process, and that can only compound.

Summary Comment

James Allen states in his classic book:

“As a Man Thinketh in his Heart so Shall he be”

He further states that a person literally becomes what they think about, and their character becomes the complete sum of all their thoughts [decisions].

Moving forward, as we process information, we are being told (by all media sources) how we should respond (herd thinking) to the sensational events of the day-week-year. We desperately need to build strong habits (with filters) that will allow us to think more critically and responsibly in the mist of the assault that is fighting to control our thinking. Our freedom of thought will depend on it.

As always…you decide. 

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