We all know them…family, friends, associates and countless others (maybe even me). Their mantra is often “I know what I’m doing, so get out of my way.” In other words , they are totally sure and yet, provably wrong.

While it may seem gifted to be so clairvoyant, it begs the question of how/what/where does this attitude come from? Gut feelings, intuitions, astrological signs, or other subjective sources?

In many cases, their stance and resulting decisions are completely unfounded and yet determined. Scary.

Among my own tribe, I concluded that there is little I can do to change a mind that is determined to make decisions without regard to any critical thinking, sound reasoning or provable evidence.


Since it seems futile to try to convince an inconvincible subject, my commitment is to continue our Zillion Dollar Thinking site with that in mind. The hope is that some of the ideas and techniques, with a healthy dose of tangible logic and facts, may do more to persuade than mere words that float through the air of unwelcome conversation.


The most reliable solution to this dilemma, in the majority of cases, is to search and research. Maybe ten years ago, we had the excuse of fact finding being a time consuming and inconvenient job.

No more.

Within a few months, the iconic Dick Tracy watch should become a reality. That means anyone at anytime can search a topic as quick as they used to simply tell time. In other words, the real solution to consistently taking the wrong path could be right on our wrist.

Simple as that.


We may all differ on this point, but the goal of this should lead to one of action and not complacency. As the product of this method of reasoning becomes more liable, the antidote should become more of a priority.

Point is, if you are determined to be wrong, at least be able to prove it.

Author’s note:

Notice the four steps of the MODEL?