As the author of numbers of plans, articles, posts and a few books, I am convinced that a tangible objective consistently swells to the top of successful working and living. It is a single word.


It is easy to identify where it should rank on the hierarchy scale. One of the oldest and most traditional examples of the positioning of commitment is in the typical wedding ceremony (no matter who is marrying who).

Simply look at where the commitment lines are: “before these witnesses…will you take…sickness/health…the rings signify” all before “I do.” The commitment is always before “I now pronounce you.”

In decisioning, the commitment should be one of the first, highest and most considered elements in any transaction/agreement/understanding.

The measurement?

It becomes a natural question as to how to measure any commitment. One of the most effective fund raising campaigns I have ever witnessed had a simple slogan measured by the degree of commitment:

“Not equal gifts…but equal sacrifice”

The example they used: Widowed lady with very limited and fixed income who made a small gift that meant she would have to make sacrifices to make her contribution (she felt it hurt)…vs. Corporate big-wig who could make a gift over a thousand times greater and yet never felt it in the least (no pain).

Q…Who had the measurable/genuine/sacrificial commitment?
Does that make a difference?

Following that, who are the visible and notable examples of real commitment in daily life:

Police/Fire/First Responders
Various Leaders
Various Others

They consciously or unconsciously are committed to run to the fire (of any kind) and not run away from it.

Since many of the problems we are feeling today are the product of a lack of measurable commitment, maybe it is time to re-visit our commitments with others and even ourselves?

Bottom line for daily living…

Is there any commitment…understood by all…binding?
What is the cost/benefit/sacrifice/measurement, etc.
Without a commitment, will you forge ahead?
What is the alternative?
Your commitment v theirs (equal sacrifice per example)?
Search engine research and results (millions on this subject)?

As I look at my own little circle/tribe, many of the issues of today’s struggles are the consequence of commitment deficits…is this the time to kick the ball downfield, or pick it up and run with it?

As always…you decide.