Q. Volatile economies will come and go, but were we made simply to respond to economies, or to inspire and contribute to our fellow man?

A. There is a fundamental maximum in marketing designated as your (individual and/or corporate) USP…namely Unique Selling Proposition. It’s the unique advantage that you bring to the equation that only you can claim.

Yes, we all feel the pressure from the economic news of the day, but do we have to be controlled by it? The selling business is ripe with challenges, but even in all the fray, we are expected to be the goodwill ambassadors for who/what we represent. The bigger challenge is, how is that best done? Most institutions have their mantra ready for you to take to the market. Generally, that is a glowing promotion of the product/service they offer.

Q. Is that not getting old and stale?

A. With all that technology is doing to turn our society into a virtual and artificial community, it would seem that there is another decision to be considered. In this ominous environment, we must not lose the power and uniqueness of our own individual footprint.

In prior posts, we have referred to the classic message of Acres of Diamonds. The premise applies here as well. We can look, search, ponder, dig and/or become frantic or obsessed with what it will take to find our great treasure (or survive in these turbulent markets). All with the same result in this book…the greatest wealth is in our own back yard…right here and now. It is your USP.

It could be that yours is:









And a zillion others…As many as there are individuals.

Point is that whatever our primary gift or talent is, we should identify it, develop it and use it to contribute back to our communities. There is another adage that says “the best way to help yourself is to help others first.”

Regardless of the economy, combining your USP with attitude of contribution is truly playing to your strength, and it is setting right where you live.

As always…you decide.