Practice Management

If you are a start up, new to the business (in business years), or you are still uncertain about the order and structure of your business…maybe a simple template could help?

We hate to repeatedly acknowledge that the Internet is rapidly becoming a tool for information overload. But, in many cases it’s true. That fact, added to all the other responsibilities a business owner maintains, can be overwhelming.

Point is, the bones of a basic business structure can get lost or shelved in the heat of battle. So, if that condition is real to you, consider the skeleton of this outline:

Mission: Maybe a verse about service (“Well done my good and faithful servant”)
Vision: A motivational statement (“Where there is no vision…people perish”)
Values: Develop a “Believability Quotient” (see last *ZDT post dated 12-06-10)
Goals: Short and long term (3-5 max…can’t spin too many dishes)
USP: Only you can make this claim (requires some research)
Meme: Your buy-in line of deliverables (funny name…but becoming a standard)
Expertise: Write articles, blogs and/or e-books (at the least…make comments)
Brand: Enduring, valuable, drivable and memorable (develops over years)

Worth considering?

Dollarize all of the above. Keep in your pocket.